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Can I pay by the Hour / half hour?
Whether on low income, a pensioner, or a wealthy entrapnair, we all quite rightly want to know what we are to pay for a service.
In many instances a job or several jobs need only take an hour or perhaps a little more to complete. I offer a fixed price charge for
1 Hours work (min. time) at £40.00, with any optional additional half hourr's charged at £15.00 /half Hr.
If your job/s runs over the hour then I will charge per half hour thereafter.
You will be suprised how much can be achieved in an hour!

I don't have a days work, but more than an Hour !

Take advantage of my fixed price 4 Hour or 6 Hour labour package, designed to provide a more cost effective way of purchassing a  service.
Why not save up those jobs and have them all completed in one go!
If the work goes over your chossen 4 or 6 Hour package, then I will work out the most cost effecient upgrade. It may be to upgrade to a 6 hour package, or just to be charged at our fixed hourly / half hourly rate for the additional time.
4 Hour pacake rate £P.O.A.  /  6 Hour package rate £P.O.A.
Whatever your needs, I will offer the best package to your financial advantage

I Know my project will take several days, or more!

Where it is thought that the work you have in mind is going to take some time, perhaps building a Patio, workshop, lanscaping, garden clearance, or even a list of many jobs, then why not insist on a written quotation!.
I will be happy to discuss your needs by phone, email, etc, and welcome the opprtunity of visiting you to look at the project in situ.
Whether from site sketch / drwaings, pictures, or actual visit, I will be happy to forward an estimate / quotation accordingly.
Referances are available and completed projects are on my gallery page.
My Quotations are free and without any obligation